Hiking & Cycling Trails

We think La Fermette des Alouettes pretty amazing…but there is so much more to explore!

Hike to Bierghes, Mélin or Sart-Mélin

The closest trail is virtually on our doorstep.
It starts just at the end of rue des Trois Hèros where the dotted line begins.


If you take a right when you hit the T-junction, you’ll go through the forest to the Ferme de Wahenge on the other side.

If you talk a left and then a right on rue de Sclimpre, this will take you into Bierghes and you can visit Mélin or Sart-Mélin from there. These are all beautiful little villages!


This is the link for the walk around our village – L’Ecluse that is published on the tourism office website below

Walking with dogs?

We are a dog-friendly accommodation and want your pooch to enjoy the holiday as much as you do! The garden is fully fenced and the courtyard is gated so your dog has plenty of space to roam on the property. But when out for walk, please note:

Dogs MUST be kept on the lead in L’Ecluse – both on roads and in field & forest behind the house.   The nearby forest is a protected one so dogs are not allowed to run freely in the forest OR the adjoining fields. According to the Beauvechain Commune, you can let them off when you are on the other side of rue de Sclimpré.  The forest manager is VERY STRICT so please TAKE CARE when walking dogs and keep them ON THE LEAD on our side of rue de Sclimpré and on the roads!!!

Want to go a bit further afield?

There are also paths and small local roads that you can take into Hoegaarden or Meldert.


And here are a few links to websites with information about other trails for walking and cycling in the region.

Check out this interesting site with itineraries for walks in our area.

Try this 5.9km walk – Promenade de Bövètché – around Beauvechain.

“The village of Beauvechain, surrounded by gently sloping fields, is located in the valley of the Nether, a tributary of the Dyle which crosses the village from the east to the west. You will leave the Place de Beauvechain, composed of a beautiful architectural complex of the 18th and 19th centuries recently renovated. Following the green curve of the poplars that border the river, you will enjoy a remarkable green setting. On the way, some beautiful examples of fermette-en-carrè typically Hesibgnonnes will impress you.”

Maison du Tourisme – Hesbaye Brabançonne:
This site has a wealth of information about walks in Beauvechain and also for the entire province if you want to go further afield. In Beauvechain, there are routes for L’Ecluse (our neighborhood), Ame and Melin, Nodèbây, El Grosse Tourëne and Bövètché. They have itineraries with full descriptions of the route in both French and Dutch along with maps.

They cover different kinds of trails – for walking and cycling – that traverses the region.  The RAVeL is a network of lanes reserved for slow, non-motorized users: pedestrians, cyclists, people with reduced mobility, skaters, riders…  The RAVeL offers itineraries in clean sites, away from roads – including towpaths and old railway tracks as well as the side roads. Two lines cross Brabant Hesbaye: L142 and L147. Tourism boards have been set up along these paths to allow walkers to discover the region.